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Our firm prepares federal, state, and local tax returns for corporations, individuals, partnerships, estates and trusts.  We also offer tax planning and consultation services to our clients.  The majority of our tax clients are Pennsylvania entities. However, we are able to prepare tax returns for all of the states requiring income tax returns. 


We facilitate business payrolls by preparing employee payroll checks or direct deposits, as well as preparing the related tax deposits and necessary compliance.  In addition, we accumulate the data necessary for monthly, quarterly, and annual government payroll filings.  We also offer the preparation of the monthly, quarterly, and annual government payroll filings for clients preparing their own payrolls as a separate stand-alone service.


Our staff performs the necessary “write-up” work to transfer client data into a usable form for the preparation of financial statements or tax returns.  In addition, they prepare bank reconciliations and are experienced with QuickBooks OnLine and Desktop software.


Luchini & Company preforms preparations and compilations of your business entity's financial statements. No assurance or opinion is provided on the prepared or compiled financial statements.  All of these services are performed in accordance with Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services.

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